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Why Test::Class::Moose?

If you need to create a large application, such as a Web site, do you start writing a bunch of individual scripts, each designed to handle one URL and each handling their own database access and printing their output directly to STDOUT? Of course not. You'd reach for a Web framework.

If your application is complicated enough to benefit from a framework, your test suite would probably benefit from one for the same reasons.

Test::Class::Moose isn't just for testing code written in Moose — it's for testing anything you would ordinarily write tests for. While it's fine for testing libraries, when you have a large application, Test::Class::Moose really shines.

Test::Class::Moose Features

  • Reporting
  • Extensibility
  • Tagging tests
  • Parallel testing
  • Test inheritance
  • Write your tests using Moose
  • All the testing functions and behavior from Test::Most
  • Event handlers for startup, setup, teardown, and shutdown of test classes

The Zen of Application Test Suites

If you're struggling with your company's test suite, you may wish to read The Zen of Application Test Suites to attain enlightenment.

Don't Be These Guys

Perl's version of waiting for a compile

With apologies to XKCD


Test::Class::Moose was designed and written by Curtis "Ovid" Poe ovid@allaroundtheworld.fr.

Ovid also wrote the well-reviewed book Beginning Perl and is one of the authors of Perl Hacks, along with chromatic and Dr. Damian Conway. He also wrote the test harness that ships with Perl and has commit rights to much of the Perl testing toolchain.


Hire Ovid

If you'd like to hire Ovid to fix your test suite or write software for you, drop him a line at ovid@allaroundtheworld.fr.